Rhinda - Admin, Tech Support & Sales

“I love my regular customers, they make my day”

Rhinda has worked with her family at Daisy’s for many years off and on, but became actively involved in 2007 after many, many years in the hospitality industry. She enjoys working with her family and her extended Daisy’s family, including her regular Toowong customers.

Rhinda has a formal qualification in floristry, but her experience in business management and hospitality as well as degrees in food science and food technology and her skills in marketing, photography and graphic design means that she is Daisy’s “Jill of all trades”.

Whilst not active in the floristry competition space, Rhinda does photograph all the designs for Interflora and the team when they create competition pieces… she is a watcher. She appreciates the time and effort the team puts into every design.

Rhinda’s favourite Daisy’s products are our Cheap and Cheerful mixed posies from the Kiosk.

Sunflowers are her favourite flower as she appreciates the patterns that nature shows particularly the Fibonacci spiral in the sunflower... she is a confessed mathematics geek!